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Introduction to Script Writing as a Therapeutic Model of Enquiry

On May 6th I’ll be running a short session with Stillpoint spaces London part of Stillpoint spaces International exploring script writing as a therapeutic model of enquiry.

I’ve been a member of Still Point Spaces Community for nearly a year now. A free social network for professionals and the psychological curious

Stillpoint Spaces was founded by psychotherapists who are passionate about re-imagining psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for the 21st century. We are committed to creating the conditions to reflect, think, and engage psychologically within our complex and changing world.

Through their spaces in Berlin, London, Paris, and Zurich, and internationally online, they offer a community for psychologically curious members of the public through events, workshops, online content, and access to their professional members who are coaches and counsellors around the world.

Through psychotherapy, counselling, coaching, events, workshops, artist encounters, and more, Stillpoint Spaces offers a new way to explore psychology outside the consulting room.

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