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Visual Ideas for portraiture to accompany Window Open a play by Andrew Seedall

We are looking for lifelong same sex couples who have been together for 10 years or more and/or LGBTQ + widows/widowers from lifelong relationships to volunteer for photography portraits. The portraits will accompany the main narrative arc in Andrews play and will also celebrate love within the LGBTQ+ community.

All the photographs you see in this proposal will give you an idea of what we are trying to achieve, from composition through to lighting. Ideally I would like to photograph each couple in their home environment but due to the current circumstances this may not be possible, however we could also use outside locations.

The process is a collaboration so from start to finish we can discuss ideas as we go. My main aim is to ensure each person involved feels comfortable with the process and is happy with the results. If anybody is interested then please contact Andrew at or 07484 618184

We look forward to hearing from you.


Bran and Tom’s world is changing after the death of Tom’s mother. Some of the changes they can control, most, they can’t. All they can do is make it up as they go along, blurring the lines between what they keep private and what others make public.

Window Open is a period piece, exploring the complicated lives of a gay couple in England during the late 1960s navigating the confusing worlds of private love and public fear.

A fictional story based on factual lives, exploring the hidden history of a life long same sex couple.

Developed as part of Studio Salford's Write for the Stage programme, the play has had its public Script in Hand debut as part of 'Development Week' at the Kings Arms Theatre, Salford. Development Week is an opportunity for emerging writers to showcase new pieces of work performed with professional actors in front of a real audience.

Window Open [is] a fascinating exploration of a gay relationship back when being openly gay would get you in prison. He’s crafted the world beautifully and worked through a scenario that’s completely engaging. Mike Heath- Studio Salford.

The project is a collaboration between Andrew Seedall and Chris Currie of

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