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The studio

HOPECAST  057 The People of Order and Disorder with Andrew Seedall

An opportunity to join the HOPECAST team to talk about what it's like to be a person of faith in the LGBTQ+ community

Queer Perspectives : Being a Queer Leader of Faith-We Create Space-The Queer Leadership Platform

A live panel discussion with four Queer Leaders, who will each be sharing their stories and unique lived experience through the lens of their different LGBTQ+ intersecting identities. Be prepared to gain some insight and perspective as well as some practical advice around creating more inclusive cultures in the workplace.

An introduction to script writing as a therapeutic model of enquiry

Exploring the fundamental tools of script-writing as a therapeutic process to change and transformation.

By applying the tools and processes used in script-writing to therapeutic dialogue and discourse it is possible for individuals to edit or rewrite their stories, address blockages and frame a new narrative bringing about transformation and change.

How Creatives Work. Balancing Genius and Practicality

Episode three! In which I chat with Andrew Seedall about emerging technologies, collaborating on your creations, and how hard it is not to get carried away by shiny new ideas. This is where you’ll find Andrew online: Instagram @northernflicks Mentions in the episode:

Manchester Theatre Festival-Official selection

Virtue by Andrew Seedall

A multi-layered play told through the lives of four women. 

Submitted into an open call out alongside 350 plays, episodes and series from across the world, Virtue achieved official selection for the ACT YOUR AGE Theatre Festival 2021. The Play will be staged at Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester in the summer.

Play Yourself

'Play Your Self' is a workshop using script writing as a powerful self-enquiry tool for exploring our different personas (inner voices). Once we become more aware of our protagonist's character traits we can begin to strengthen them to change our own personal narrative and drive forward our goals in life.


“Become the hero in your own story.”

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