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"Collaborating with Andrew has been such a pleasure from the start. His commitment to a project really shows in the levels of preparation and care that he takes in crafting every detail. It really feels like a co-creation as he shapes his ideas around the unique needs of our audience. His knowledge and passion for script-writing and drama is also evident as he confidently applies these talents and practices to the area of personal transformation, change and well-being. Our participants clearly appreciate his natural charisma and like-ability as it makes them feel at ease and more open to having honest, meaningful discussions. As organisers we’re grateful to continue working with Andrew and excited to see what he comes up with next!"

Michael Stephens, Founder at WE CREATE SPACE


"Andrew came to us from the CEO position of a successful and vibrant local youth charity he had grown from its inception.

He went on to develop and unify the academies' community programmes into a strong social enterprise position, securing significant additional funds and maximising trading potential to ensure sustainability.

Andrew is a born communicator.

He has always been able to listen and assess community need, from which he develops dynamic community programmes that often complement government policies and agendas.

He has the rare ability of being able to engage young people and their families by inspiring confidence, building relationships and providing a service absolutely tailored to the needs of the individual person."

Dr Patsy Hodson, Greater Manchester Academies Trust



This workshop was absolutely amazing! One of the best that I've ever attended. Fun and life changing at the same time. Thank you very much for doing it 


The workshop created a sense of community and connection within a matter of a few hours. The attendees and facilitator’s genuinely engaged and listened. It was carefully laid out with adequate balance of contact and interaction. I was inspired.


This workshop was awesome and a brilliant way to spend a Saturday morning. It gave me tools to support my well-being. It prompted me to research the ideas that were shared

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